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Steve’s Weekly Blog, August 24

profile photoIt is my intention to use this page for a weekly blog.  I know that you are supposed to identify your purpose and strategy for your blog before you began.  My purpose is simple: to express myself.  My strategy: is to explore the topics that interest me.  I am interested by a wide range of topics and nobody will enjoy them all.  If you see something you don’t like, don’t read it!  Hopefully you will see a new blog each Sunday night.  Feel free to follow and comment.

You can’t be a dedicated Reader without thinking about being a “Real Writer.” Having been at this business of writing awhile, I’ve seen what it takes. Every prospective writer should know that you are never really “there” and you always have to continue stepping forward.
Phases of becoming a writer:
· Dreamer – Pictures himself as a writer, sits at a typewriter like Hemingway… Doesn’t write much or finish anything but talks and talks a good game. – Gets to drink a great deal and complain that there is never enough time for writing. (Personally, I was in this mode for thirty years.)
· Writer – Finishes a product that can be shown to other people or entered in a contest. Can claim to be tortured artist with far away knowing eyes. Gets to wear all black and complain that there are not enough enlightened readers.
· Unpublished Writer – Upon receiving first rejection slip, is immediately issued black beret. Gets to smoke skinny cigarettes and complain about how the Publishing Industry doesn’t appreciate innovative new (or old, or different, or ….) artists.
· Published Writer – Upon getting first work published. Gets to complain that readers never spend time on important literature. All the sales go to trashy writing.
· Semi-Professional Writer – Upon getting actually paid for a piece of writing. Gets to complain that the Publishing Industry doesn’t pay didlily doodle to poor writers and cares even less. Puts teeny-tiny royalty check on wall as a reminder.
· Professional Writer – Upon being able to scrape out a living writing. Gets to complain that all the big money goes to celebrity writers.
· Celebrity Writer – Upon picture showing up in People Magazine. Gets to complain that all the big money goes to movies.
It appears that Writers complain a lot (or perhaps it is just me!)

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