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Historical Fiction References

Source Listing
• The Last Ram – Steve Linstrom
• Murder Trial of the Last Lakota Warrior – Steve Linstrom
• The Essential Charles Eastman – Charles Eastman and Michael Oren Fitzgerald
• My People the Sioux – Luther Standing Bear
• Kill the Indian Save the Man – Ward Churchhill
• Voices of Wounded Knee – William Coleman
• In the Shadow of Wounded Knee – Roger L. Di Silvestro
• Fredric Remington – Peggy and Harold Samuels
• Fredric Remington selected writings – Fredric Remington
• Personal Recollections & Observations of General Nelson A Miles – Nelson Miles
• A Long March: The Lives of Frank and Alice Baldwin – Robert H. Steinbach
• Money versus Morality the Divorce Industry of Sioux Falls – Connie Develder Schaffer (PDF available online)
• The divorce mill : realistic sketches of the South Dakota divorce colony, Harry Hazel

Sample Story: https://stevelinstromwriter.com/presentations/historical-fiction-references/sample-story/

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